Why Small Phone Is An Ergonomic Choice For You?

Why Small Phone Is An Ergonomic Choice For You?

Unihertz Official

Ever considered what size should a perfect phone be?

Here’s a feedback from a large phone user:

“I've really got my hands full here, but all I've done today is staring at my phone. How can I not when it's so big and in my face? Why can't it be small and sweet?”

Many of you might have doubts, is it really qualified as a main phone? Truth is, we don’t choose Jelly2 merely for its mini size, we do it for the up-to-date hardware and smooth user experience.

So, how does Jelly2 perform compared to the current mainstream phone and the old ones we had?
First of all, Jelly2 is the lightest;
It’s smaller than what we had back in the 2000s but with the next-generation screen technology;
It’s equipped with hardware that meets modern mainstream standards;
And it comes comes with Android10.

Prolonged usage of large-screen smartphones may cause pain in your finger joints, but it’s not a problem for Jelly2 users. Good news is, it is capable of being your daily phone, and on Jelly 2, you can browse and type smoothly just like on the other mainstream large phones. 

What we learn here is to never underestimate small phones!