TickTock - Unihertz's new campaign on Kickstarter is scheduled to be in December, 2021.

A unique rugged phone that features its dual-screen and fast 5G connectivity.

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Handle small tasks conveniently with the 1.3" sub-screen

The sub-screen of TickTock supports all kinds of features that helps you handle tasks conviently.
What would you like to have as one of the features?
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Choose a different watch face and get a personalized touch.

    In concert with Unihertz's mission of bringing unique smartphones to the world, we believe that you deserve to be unique. Therefore, we added 16 different clock faces for you to choose from, and a place where you can upload a personalized background.

Cutting-edge 5G & Android 11 OS

IP68 Water-Resistant

6,000mAh Battery & Fast Charging